About me

Hi, my name is Stuart Smith and Sosmithy Design is the place to view my portfolio and see what I'm up to. I am a versatile, highly creative designer who enjoys delivering concepts from ideas to finished products. Based in LA, I have over 13 years of experience working for high profile entertainment companies as well as small businesses. My goal with any project is to design work that satisfies the client's brief, looks great, and goes that extra mile to create something unique and special.     

I love to sketch, paint and take photographs, so I began a personal project called Mark Everyday. The idea is to create a piece of work everyday, or as often as I can, and post them on mark-everyday.tumblr.com However small or quick the pieces are, it's a valuable way to develop a skill or set off an idea.

When I'm not designing, I love swimming, biking, running, surfing, listening to vinyl records, finding Star Wars toys, running after my dog Brompton, and being a dad.

If you would like anymore information or would like to talk about projects you have, please contact me via my contact page




Stuart is a highly talented designer. He's thoughtful about his approach to design by telling a story that makes sense to the project. He works well under pressure and, meets difficult deadlines, collaborates well with designers, artists, editors, marketing, sales and branding executives. He can make something pretty, trendy or sophisticated. The best part of all...he gives you more than you asked for.

-Robyn Natelson, DreamWorks Press


Stuart is a pleasure to work with and a great designer. He is detail-oriented and works well under tight deadlines. His efficiency and responsiveness made our large, time-intensive project truly a breeze!

-Emily Dubin, Chronicle Books