A few weeks ago I went back home to England to visit family and friends. Between a few pints of good beer and great meals (don't listen to anyone who says you can't get good food in the UK) I snapped away to document the trip.



Broadway Market sign
Broadway Market Pie and Mash
Broadway Market Pie and Mash Menu
Broadway Market Bikes
Broadway Market High-rise
Spitafields Market Type Draw
The Serpentine
Trafalgar Square Fountain
Trafalgar Square Art
Nelson's Column
Bollywood Dancers in Trafalgar Square


Windsor Castle
Queen Victoria Statue, Windsor


Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk
Sheringham Street, Norfolk
Norfolk Cow
Norfolk Pig
Homemade 'Wine'
Cley Mill
Wells Beach Huts, Norfolk
Wells Beach, Norfolk
Wiverton Cafe Teapot